The End of War

The End of War

The End of War 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

As another war commences, led by a petulant prideful man who has failed himself, his nation and the world, it is time for us all to take this travesty as another cue to collectively raise our game.

For a war such as this will echo trauma and fear through the consciousness of generations for decades if not centuries to come. A legacy of pain for the people of Ukraine, Russia and beyond.

Trauma creates trauma and begets more trauma. A cycle that only a commitment to deep self-work can break. Healing is hard work. It takes time, courage, strength, wisdom, and discipline. It requires us to artfully reimagine our moments, our relationships and our ambitions. Let us begin today.

I urge all men in particular to take note of the call to commence, continue and deepen the work of self-healing. The masculine principle in today’s world remains a dangerous distortion of its higher potential. Greed, winning at all costs, scoring points, being right, feeling more powerful than, more favoured than, more entitled than – are all symptoms of the unexamined life which in turn lead to conflict, aggression, and eventually to war.

It is time to collectively champion our inner work and to play our part in personal, social, and global peace. The feminine principle has been working on this for centuries – the masculine must catch up. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. We cannot afford another generation of global leaders as damaged and lacking in emotional intelligence as our current cohort. The world stage, with a few exceptions, remains an embarrassment of egos.

As the masculine heals, so too can the feminine take its true place at the centre of society. When one heals, we all heal.

If this article reaches you but leaves you wondering how to begin on the self-healing journey. Here are three practical things you can do today to make a start:

  1. Stop using the language of war: in particular when you speak about business, sport and your accomplishments. (We slayed them – I destroyed him – we annihilated them etc.)
  2. Practice gratitude for your life, your gifts, the opportunities and the relationships that make you feel safe and seen. Appreciation opens you up to forgiveness, healing, presence and love.
  3. Reinvigorate or start a contemplative practice to gradually make friends with your inner world of thoughts, emotions, and sensations – mindfulness is a good place to start if you’re not sure.


By Neil Seligman


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