The Nature of Alignment

The Nature of Alignment

The Nature of Alignment1099553The Conscious Professional

There is a huge difference between success and alignment.

As a young well-regarded Barrister in London in my 20’s I was considered by most to be successful, to have made it. Whilst I enjoyed the kudos that went with my job and lifestyle, I came to feel misaligned with the work. As I became more conscious, I realised that I would be spending my energy only once in this lifetime. I became more and more disheartened with my contribution and realised that a change was needed. My personal symptoms of misalignment ranged from frustration to boredom, irritation to over-spending and stress.

Alignment also feels quite different to success. Whilst success is predominantly egoic, alignment goes far deeper. Consequently, whilst the ego is never satisfied, no matter how many awards, things or money you gather, the gifts of alignment are peace, contentment and a distinct feeling of having and more importantly being, enough.

Whilst success is easily lauded by others, alignment is a little quieter, and once you have it, you don’t need others to tell you well done.

Alignment can only be realised by committing to personal development, honouring a regular practice of stillness and following your deep desire for self-knowledge. Every truly conscious professional will have spent time understanding their unique nature and discovering what is important to them, their values.

These values can then be expressed in all aspects of life, from professional to domestic to social. This is then alignment. A state in which decisions are easily made, clarity arises and right-action (clear and grounded decision-making) becomes clear.

In spiritual terms we might say that the highest state of integrity and alignment is enlightenment, the experience of the self and the all as one.