Things to Look Forward to Post-Festive Season

Things to Look Forward to Post-Festive Season

Things to Look Forward to Post-Festive Season 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“Look forward in your life and regrets are no more. Keep going with each step forward. Happiness awaits you at every step.” – Sandeep Ravidutt Sharma

Ah, the festive season. Full of frivolity and fun. Full of family events, social outings and special activities. A wonderful time of the year, it’s no wonder ‘January blues’ are a thing and that we miss December when it’s gone. However, there is a lot to look forward to when the new year comes around. In fact, those things to look forward to are not just to do with the prospects of the future, but some things are also worth getting excited about because they are in direct opposition to the energy of December’s festivities and indulgences.

1. Routine

All sorts of routines go out of the window when it’s party time. Indeed, I am currently writing this in that weird time between Christmas and New Year when nobody knows what day of the week it is! Even the most basic routines go out of the window! So, don’t you look forward to January, when you can get yourself on an even footing once again? The chaos of December is fun for a while… but you can’t live like that forever. I, for one, am looking forward to getting my eating back to something more normal and having a stable exercise routine back. Food indulgence is something I adore, but I also look forward to a new year full of hearty balanced eating at less insane times of the day. As for exercise, regular exercise is a big part of what makes me feel regulated and comfortable. What routines are you craving?

2. Your Cup Being Full

Another wonderful thing about December is the reconnection between friends and family. It is also a time when life feels good, there is plenty of opportunity for gratitude, and you indulge in practices that just make you feel good. By the end of it all, although you may be exhausted, your cup is full. By this, I mean that life has filled you with positivity and energy aplenty. Positivity and energy you can take with you onto the open plains of 2023.

3. The Spoils of December

Another great thing about January is that you actually have time to enjoy what December bought you. It’s pretty likely that you have gifts to appreciate. You can find time to actually work out how your new toy works, read those books, play those games and use those magical variety boxes of toiletries! With any luck, you may also have some leftovers in the fridge to utilise… an encore of the festivities to lift your mood in the moodiness of January.

4. Work

Sure, some people are not thrilled to get back to work. However, work can provide a welcome return to normality. Indeed, many people miss their jobs and are grateful to get back to their endeavours. Holidays, although enjoyable, can seem hectic and rudderless after too long… jobs offer the ultimate routine and accountability, and a stability that some of us crave.

5. A Clean Slate

Whether you are big on the ‘new year new me’ rhetoric or not, you have to admit, the turn of the year does feel like an optimistic time. A time when the year stretches out before you, and you are not yet entirely sure what it is going to be filled with. I have done what I always do in December, and bought a new notepad, as my head has begun to fill with ideas for the coming year. I had better get those down before life gets in the way! Although there are lots to get back to, the new year does, in some areas, offer space for a new opportunity, and that is to be appreciated, celebrated and capitalised on.

By Chris Thomson


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