5 Ways to Be Mindful This Autumn

5 Ways to Be Mindful This Autumn

5 Ways to Be Mindful This Autumn 5616 3744 The Conscious Professional

“Autumn has always been my favourite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” – Lauren DeStefano, ‘Wither’

Yes indeed, our long hot Summer has come to a close, it is undeniable. The nights; they are closing in, the trees; they are moulting, the air; it is turning nippy. Autumn can feel very much like an ending, like a seasonal nosedive; from the heady heights of Summer into the chilly depths of Autumn. But mourn not for the Summer, and dread not the season that is closing in upon us. This time of year is as vibrant, exciting and alive as any other time of year, and brings with it comforts and pleasures that cannot be found in the months characterized by the scorching sun!

Let us embrace this season. There is so much to enjoy and be greatful for; the warmth of your own home, the colours offered by nature, the sense of calm it brings. Here are a few things you can do to appreciate and show gratitude for this underrated corner of the calendar.

1. Get Outside

There is no time like Autumn in nature. At this time of year our woods and forests are bursting with colour, texture, wildlife and smells that can’t be experienced in any other season. So, get out into it! Wander through your local woods and walk beneath a rich canopy of red, orange and yellow. Stroll through your local park and kick up piles of leaves like when you were 5 years old! Or even sit on the bench in your back garden and just enjoy the simple tranquillity of a world tucking itself in for the Winter.

2. Mindful Photography

So, now that you are out in the world, take your observation and appreciation up a notch by turning your stroll into a photography walk. A wonderful way to really take notice of what the season brings is by looking for opportunities for wonderful photography. Do you find the bark of that tree beautiful? Not sure? Then take a closer look… take a picture!

A wonderful way to encourage yourself to look a little closer at the season is to go out with a theme in mind. ‘Today, I am looking to photograph the colour ‘red’’, for example. See where your quest takes you!

3. Slow Down and Take A Break

Summer is very much the season of ‘getting out there and doing stuff’! It is an enormously enjoyable yet relentless time; fast, jam-packed, active. Autumn is not so much like that. This is the time of year where we all get to wind down and enjoy the sensation of life slowing a little bit.

Put aside time to actually take a break and enjoy the calm of Autumn. Make yourself a pot of coffee (or tea, or juice… whatever you are in to), sit by the window and simply contemplate the falling of the leaves, the blowing of the wind and the grace of nature.

4. Bring the Outside In

Why not take a bit of nature home with you? Pinecones and logs can be repurposed in your home to bring a hint of Autumn into your space. Why not go a step further and go out on a little foraging trip? Blackberries, sloes, rosehips, and winter herbs can all be easily found… be careful if you go on a mushroom hunt though!

5. Autumnal Arts and Crafts

Take a morning, or an afternoon, to indulge in a little Autumnal arts and crafts. This not only helps you to appreciate the season, but using your hands, engaging in a tactile task, is inherently mindful. So, get out in the garden with a sketch pad or some paints and take some artistic observation time for yourself. You could also make art from pressed leaves, pinecones, logs and all other manner of natural material. Get creative and decorate your home with Autumn inspired materials!

By Chris Thomson

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