What to Spring Clean This Year…

What to Spring Clean This Year…

What to Spring Clean This Year… 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“Spring Cleaning isn’t just for your home, or just for the Spring for that matter.” – Dondria B. Johnson

Spring is around the corner. If, like me, you actually don’t mind the winter, this will be something of a pleasant fact. If, however, winter is something that you struggle with, spring will likely fill you with joy, positivity and the sense that life is about to begin ‘proper’ once more.

However you feel about the transitions from winter to spring, there is no denying that the season of new life is ripe for new beginnings. New ideas, new habits, new projects. A fresh look at the way you live your life, and an opportunity to make positive adjustments.

Traditionally, spring cleaning refers to flinging open the doors and windows of your home and letting all of the stagnant air and debris flee your home for another year. This, we shall be touching on for a moment or two. But one might as well also look at oneself. One’s inner debris, if you will. Personal wellbeing and practices of mindfulness also benefit from a regular springtime review.

1. Your Cupboards

The cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom are a great place to start. Physical clutter does affect our mental wellbeing, and kitchen and bathroom cupboards can so easily get cluttered up and left for many a year. I recently found a tin of soup in the back of my cupboards from 2007. Why I kept it, I have no idea.

The food in our cupboards also reflects the season. So now is the time to pull out that languishing winter stock, use it up, and make space for the food of the season. Bring the outside in.

The bathroom cupboards quickly become a space full of half-empty multiples of various things. So, consolidate, recycle, and get decluttered. Clear spaces, clear head!

2. Your Wardrobe

Two things to do here. The first is similar to the kitchen cupboard situation. Make your wardrobe reflect the season. Put the big coats and fluffy jumpers to the back. Now is the time for light shirts, summer dresses, jerkins, and… dare I say… shorts?

Also, is this time for a purge? Do you spot anything in there that you haven’t worn in a year? Perhaps it’s time to fill a bin bag and get yourself down to the fabric recycling bin. Nothing feels better than parting with a bin bag full of clutter. You feel lighter… like the days themselves.

3. Your Routine

Time to look at your routines. Are they still working for you? Have any of them become stagnant, unfit for purpose, or just… boring?

An example… I used to drop my son off at school, go to the gym, and start my workday at 10. However, my brain works best when I get straight on with things. My best work is always done before lunch. I realised that I was robbing myself of two hours of quality brain time in the morning. So, I shifted the workday two hours earlier and went to the gym in the later afternoon… after my brain had somewhat given up on creative writing for the day. I often find a routine shakeup helps my brain to reengage.

4. Your Mind

Are you looking after your mental wellbeing? Are you giving your mind space and recovery time? I know that I get into good habits (less scrolling, regular meditation, reading before bed instead of TV) for a while, and then slip back into bad habits. Often, I need to do a conscious reset of all of these things to keep my head well.

5. The People in Your Life

This might seem a little harsh at the outset.

In my life, as I grow older and have more children, worries and responsibilities, I am aware that people I have outgrown don’t always drift away. I am sometimes blind to people in my life who don’t have as much time for me as I do them, who are generally unpleasant to be around, or who impact me to the point that people I care about bear the negative end of my emotions. Life is short, and fitting in time with others is tough in a busy life. Don’t use up your limited social capital on people who aren’t really worth it.

By Chris Thomson


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