What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do? 1708 713 The Conscious Professional

Robert Bengston, professional photographer and Inspiration Campaign Founder asks us to consider leading with love…

What guides your behavior?
What inspires you to act?
When you have a tough decision, how do you decide?

Over the last year I’ve been guided in my own answers by asking the question: “What would Love do?”

I find putting the inquiry in this context invites me to source new perspectives, to reference and draw from, in what I do and why I do it.
I’ve also come to appreciate how this question touches on the more fundamental reason why I think each of us is here.
I believe we’re all unique and amazing beings, here to be sources of Love for this Miracle-of-Life-and-Consciousness we’re participating in. How I believe we individually embody being this source is by cultivating what makes our own particular heart sing.
Because when we’re inspired in this way — when our actions are inspired from the inside — we’re more patient, creative, kind, generous, happy, empowered, and beautiful. And in the process, become more and more the being that we came here to be.

There are as many different answers to the question “What would Love do?” as there are individuals.
Each of us puts our own spin on expressing the answer. Which is precisely the point. We are all created to be black sheep, guided by our own internal, heart-singing compass.

Consider taking time in your day to be still and quiet; to listen to your own heart and spirit. If you can, I invite you to take a few moments right after reading this. Think about what’s going on in your life and let the intention to be a spokeshuman for Love shape how you participate. How would Love interact with the next client or customer? How would Love write that email? In the face of a current or next challenge… what would Love do?

As a visual artist, I use creativity to inspire self-reflection and meaningful connections. The current expression of this is called Inspiration Campaign, which is a vision using people-power to transform mass media into a source of inspiration and empowerment. Inspiration Campaign is here to be a voice for what we’re talking about and uses question: “What kind of media would Love create?” as the proverbial light guiding the way. The result has been billboards and buses seen over 10 million times in the SF Bay Area! People-power empowering people! The image above is one of the messages that received the most votes and speaks perfectly to this topic.

Love first.

In whatever way it takes shape coming through you… and you… and you…and…
How do you put Love first?
What does Love do through you?

Here’s to all of us co-creating the beautiful world our hearts know is possible!

— Robert


Robert Bengtson is a SF Bay Area artist and the founder of Inspiration Campaign.
To learn more about Robert and his work, visit: www.RobertBengtson.com
To learn more / participate in Inspiration Campaign, check out: www.InspirationCampaign.org

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